Bali Milkfish Fry Image

Bali Milkfish Fry or Chanos Chanos of Sumber Bahagia, come from a milkfish fry hatchery located in the area of Gondol, Singaraja. The biggest importers of milkfish fry are the Philippines, followed closely by Taiwan and Malaysia. The majority of exporting occurs during the Philippines’ peak season, which takes place from February until May, followed by the second peak season, from September through to November. Prices fluctuate, and in peak season can fetch in excess of US$5,000 per million milkfish fry.

Milkfish Fry or Chanos Chanos shipped overseas are, on average, 19-21 days old. 5,000 fry are packed into one plastic bag, while one styrofoam box contains eight plastic bags, or 40,000 milkfish. The mortality rate during overseas shipping is up to 10%. In 2009, milkfish fry were also shipped to local markets, in particular to Sulawesi. For domestic needs, the age of the milkfish fry is between 22 and 24 days.


Bali Milkfish Fry Aeration Process

Milkfish Fry or Chanos Chanos from Bali quantity exported to the Philippines in 2009 was double that of 2008. Just three months into 2010, Sumber Bahagia has already equalled the 2009 sales, due to the consistency in the quantity per bag, as well as the product quality. The company has very strict procedures to maintain both the quality and the quantity of the product, including screening the size of the milkfish fry to assure they are of equal size, and transparent fry are rejected. Sumber Bahagia consistently ship 10% more milkfish fry than is ordered, in order to cover the possible mortality of fry during shipping, therefore assuring that buyers’ expectations are met in regards to quantity.



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